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Activities in the region

The Carré Pourpre, near Saint Emilion, is nestled on the slopes of the Dordogne valley on the borders of Bordeaux and Bergeracois. Come and discover our beautiful region in Périgord!

Heritage & Culture

Marché de produits frais à Sainte Foy, près de Montcaret

A stone’s throw from the cottage

  • The castle and the Montaigne tower (humanist philosopher 1533 – 1592)
  • The Gallo-Roman archaeological site of our village of Montcaret, with its private baths with exceptional mosaics and its Romanesque church of the eleventh century.
  • The historical sound and light show of Castillon la Bataille which ended the Hundred Years War by reconstructing the life of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine (in July-August).
  • Sainte Foy la Grande with its famous market.
  • Etc…

Bergerac and its surroundings

  • Bergerac and its old town, its museums, its gastronomy and the gabarre walks on the Dordogne.
  • the castle of Bridoire (castle with 100 games to play with history)
  • the castle of Monbazillac
  • Etc…
Visite de Bergerac, activité autour du gîte Le Carré Pourpre à Montcaret
Saint émilion et ses environs autour du gîte

Saint-Emilion and its surroundings

  • The medieval city of Saint-Emilion, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a true open-air museum with its monuments and castles.
  • The Celestine cave and the castle of Rauzan.
  • Etc…

Bordeaux & Libourne

  • Bordeaux, beautiful city in the heart of the wine region. Visits to fabulous monuments, its architectures, art museums, the city of wine, the water mirror…
  • Libourne, a city at the junction of the Isle and the Dordogne. Heritage visits.
  • Etc…
Visite de Bordeaux en Gironde
Visite de château autour du gîte Le Carré Pourpre à Montcaret

But still

  • Duras Castle (sound and light in summer)
  • The cloister of Buisson Cadouin,
  • Etc…

Vineyards and Castles

Circuits touristiques des vignobles de la région

Several tourist circuits

The Bergerac wine route, a dream destination for wine lovers to meet passionate winegrowers, eager to share their knowledge with you.

The Wine Route of Saint-Emilion in the Bordeaux vineyards with renowned appellations: Saint Emilion, Pomerol, etc …


Activité Golf autour du gîte Le Carré Pourpre

A stone’s throw

  • Lake Gurson (10′), offers a sandy beach with supervised swimming and a leisure center.
  • Bike rides, hiking, equestrian.
  • Canoeing
  • Golf of the Château des Vigiers of the 16th century with its fabulous restaurant.
  • Golf of St Méard de Gurson.
  • Gourmet markets in summer.
  • Garage

A little further

  • The zoo of Mescoules with its many reptiles and other exotic animals.
  • Aqua park
  • Griffon Animal and Leisure Park.
Zoo de Mescoule
Survol de la région autour du gîte de Montcaret

At 30′ from the cottage, you can fly over:

The Bordeaux vineyards and its castles
The medieval village of Saint-Emilion
The Gironde part of the Dordogne
L’Isle, a tributary of the Dordogne that ends its journey in Libourne